Our Approach

We are a firm of litigation specialists who practice in Vancouver, one of the most diverse cities in the world. We specialize in estatefamily and personal injury litigation, but also undertake challenging construction, contract and corporate disputes.

Lawyer and founder, John Richter, began the firm on the belief that a collegial workplace environment is essential for an organization to thrive and achieve its business objectives. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build, whether they are among co-workers, peers or with our clients. Every legal case is a unique story, but with a common objective ,“a fair settlement”. Whether by trial or alternative dispute resolution, achieving a fair settlement demands a creative approach. With excellent understanding of the nature of litigation and the legal process, our strategy effectively incorporates factual circumstances, comprehensive analysis of legal issues and the motives of each party involved.

From the onset of our involvement in a case, we develop a clear strategy on how the results will be obtained. We generally find that the most effective method is to promptly begin preparing for trial. In doing so, parties are compelled to view the situation practically which greatly facilitates the settlement process.

Our approach is to provide a commitment to strategic, practical, and creative legal solutions to challenging legal issues has earned us the trust of our many valued clients with whom we enjoy excellent and longstanding relationships. You can be certain that when you retain us, you are retaining a firm determined to resolve your matter.

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