Motorcycle Drill Team to participate in annual Music Therapy Ride

The Vancouver Police Department Motorcycle Drill Team has performed for British Columbians since 1954. Seeing their bikes in parades, escorting black limousines or even parked in Kerrisdale evoke special feelings for many that go back to childhood. The youthful among us would even consider parking their bike alongside these well-known and well-loved Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycles or hopping on one when no one is watching.

Motorcycle riders are interested to know that even the Vancouver Police Department Motorcycle Drill Team have motorcycle accidents. They have an award for them, the Broken Wing. The initials “ISO” are inscribed on the back of the badge which unpretentiously stand for, “I fell off”.

The annual Music Therapy Ride from Richmond to Whistler with the Motorcycle Drill Team helps raise money for the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund. Most people understand the power of music. Only cultured riders understand the power of a V twin.

If you register before Friday, August 1st, you only pay the Early Bird price of $99 instead of the regular price of $199 for the Saturday, September 13, 2014 ride. Richter Trial Lawyers urges you to consider the ride.

Motorcycle Music Therapy Ride Vancouver Poster

Motorcycle Ride for Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund

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