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Below are our blog posts about recent developments in the areas of Estate, Family and Personal Injury law as well as comments on some recent important decisions from the BC Supreme Court, BC Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Proposed Changes to the Divorce Act on Relocation – Vancouver Family Lawyers
June 28, 2019

Vancouver Family Lawyers are here to explain how the recent changes to the Divorce Act will impact your ability to relocate with your child. The Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family surveyed lawyers and judges and over 98% of participants indicated that disputes involving issues regarding relocation are different to resolve. Bill C-78 […]

Asset Division of Deceased Spouses – Vancouver Family Lawyers
January 18, 2019

You Has your ex-spouse passed away after you started a family action? Are you unsure of whether you are entitled to an asset division following your spouse’s passing? Contact experienced Vancouver Family Lawyers to navigate the most unusual and complex set of facts. Facts In a recent decision, Surrett v. Butkiewicz, 2018 BCSC 2194, the […]

Retroactive Child Support Payments
November 5, 2018

Did you obtain a court order for your ex to pay child support in British Columbia? Is your ex still finding ways to avoid child support payments? Does your ex owe you retroactive child support payments? Is your ex intentionally under-employed? Is your ex seeking to vary or terminate a child support order?   Facts […]

How ‘excluded’ is your excluded property? Think twice before you share ownership of your property.
October 18, 2018

A recent decision, Venables v. Venables, 2018 BCSC 1736, explains how to divide family assets and debts following the breakdown of a relationship, where one party brought an excluded property into marriage and then shared said property ownership with his spouse. In this case the parties were married on August 1, 2009, and separated in […]

The Supreme Court of British Columbia may not have jurisdiction over your “birth tourism baby!”
October 8, 2018

In a recent decision, Kong v. Song, 2018 BCSC 1691, the Supreme Court of British Columbia determined that the habitual residence of a 2.5-year old child was not in Canada, which meant that the father had wrongfully removed the child from China and brought him to Canada.   Facts The child, Lucas, was born on […]

Do you think you have a case for an unequal division of family property? Read this first.
August 30, 2018

Overview Following a relationship breakdown you might be wondering whether you have a claim for an unequal division of family property. An order for an unequal division of family property or debt occurs when a 50/50 split of the family assets and debts would create unfair circumstances for one of the parties. These types of […]

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