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Below are our blog posts about recent developments in the areas of Estate, Family and Personal Injury law as well as comments on some recent important decisions from the BC Supreme Court, BC Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Divorce Court Antics Irk Vancouver Judge
March 28, 2017

Recently a Vancouver judge made it  clear which antics he thought were too much in divorce court. We have blogged on this site before about the importance of legal advice and what to avoid when presenting the court with affidavit evidence here and here. In the recent case of Zandbergen v. Craig, Justice Smith was […]

Do I have to Pay Child Support for my Step Kids?
March 21, 2017

Recently Vancouver family lawyers were reminded that not only parents but also step-parents may be responsible for supporting their step kids after divorce. In EZ v. PZ, 2017 BCSC 375, Justice Baird heard a case in which the mother and purported father were married at the time that the mother gave birth to a child […]

Joint Names Can Affect Your Excluded Property
March 13, 2017

People always assume it is a good idea to put property or bank accounts in joint names with their spouses. They buy a house where they will live, and they put it in joint tenancy. They open a bank account so they can pay their bills, and they put it in joint names. Often, people […]

Court Orders Parent to Sign Nexus Consent
February 7, 2017

Mr. Justice Skolrood of the BC Supreme Court has ordered that  he can step in where necessary and require parents to sign a consent form for Nexus passes. In Pasco v. Pasco, 2016 BCSC 2484, the mother lived in White Rock and the father was unwilling to provide consent for her to travel cross-border for […]

Divorce: How to Start
December 6, 2016

Deciding whether to get a divorce can be stressful. It is often the most stressful time in your life. How will you pay your bills? What will you get in the divorce? What about the kids? Where will you live? What does your new life look like? All of these questions are often floating around […]

When do you have to apply for spousal support?
September 23, 2016

If you are not married and your claim for spousal support is pursuant to the BC Family Law Act, you must apply within one year of separation. If you are married and your claim for spousal support is pursuant to the Divorce Act, there is no time limit to apply for spousal support. This issue […]

Dividing Property After Divorce in BC: The Proof is in the Puddin’
May 16, 2016

The Family Law Act was meant to simplify property division on divorce in British Columbia. So far in practice, it seems to have had the opposite effect. Vancouver family lawyers are finding it more difficult to advise spouses of their legal rights and obligations on divorce. In July 2010, the Ministry of Attorney General Justice […]

Does Spousal Support End When New Relationships Start?
September 28, 2015

Like everything in family law, spousal support and your right to it are different shades of gray. Nothing is black and white, and therefore nothing is an easy, yes or no answer. In part it depends on what came first? Spousal support or a new spouse. In part it depends on the reason you’re entitled […]

To Have or Not to Have
September 3, 2015

When couples get engaged and get married, they often hope that the relationship will withstand the test of time and circumstance. They often see their union as a romantic venture rather than the financial partnership that it also is. And having a conversation about prenuptial agreements is probably one of the last items most couples to […]

Just Like Ashley Madison, Adultery in Divorce is Confidential (Sort Of)
July 20, 2015

In family law, claims of adultery are generally irrelevant to any issue other than whether there has been a breakdown of the relationship. Adulterers continue to have all of the rights and obligations found in the Family Law Act. On July 20, 2015, CBC reported that Ashley Madison, the popular infidelity website which encourages married […]

What is a marriage-like relationship?
January 7, 2015

In British Columbia, a common law relationship is what the courts call it once two people have lived together in a marriage-like relationship for more than 2 years.

Not Everyone is Entitled to Equal Parenting Time
April 11, 2014

BC family lawyers and parents are recently reminded that there is no presumption of equality in parenting time. In BCB v. RWB 2014 BCSC 622 released yesterday, Master Baker reminds us that the best interests of the child is the most important consideration in determining parenting time. Further, he states that which parent is ostensibly […]

The Sky is NOT Falling
April 21, 2013

Picture chicken little: “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”. That is the attitude most people are exhibiting in news articles in relation to the new Family Law Act that comes into force in BC today. Richter Trial Lawyers is here to say: The sky is NOT falling! Yes, common law couples are going […]

Redefining Parents in BC Family Law
January 2, 2013

Today, the Toronto Sun reported that the term “parents” is being redefined in Kansas where a man is being sued for child support for a child that was conceived after he donated sperm to a lesbian couple. Before donating the sperm, it is reported that the man also entered into an agreement with the couple […]

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