Maestro: Aiding Personal Injury Lawyers in Medical Negligence Claims


Maestro is an interactive touchscreen program used with a big-screen television that has enhanced the way personal injury lawyers present evidence to injuries that cannot be seen by the eye. The user controls diagrams, documents and pictures on the television by swiping his/her fingers across the screen. The control includes cropping, highlighting and sweeping diagrams, documents and pictures on and off the screen.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Lawyers can use Maestro in the office, mediation or trial with any type of case, but it likely has special application in medical negligence claims. With the right graphical images, personal injury lawyers can use Maestro to show otherwise invisible injuries. One example are computer-generated cross-sections of the human brain in brain injury cases. Medical negligence claims against doctors, hospitals and nurses are among the most challenging cases for personal injury lawyers to prove because it can be difficult to show the injury.

Richter Trial Lawyers

Richter Trial Lawyers recently acquired Maestro at the AAJ convention in San Francisco for its medical malpractice and personal injury files. Brice Karsh is the founder and CEO of High Impact which developed Maestro. If you are interested in how the Maestro technology can help you with your claims, contact Richter Trial Lawyers by email at [email protected] or give us a call at 604.264.5550.

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