You have been appointed the executor of the will. What are the duties of an executor?

General Information

Once you’ve confirmed you have the most recent will, you must confirm you’re named executor. As an executor, you must always obey the law and the terms of the will. Additionally, there can be more than one executor or administrator of the will. Essentially, your job and responsibility are to carry out the instructions of the given will, beginning with gathering names and addresses of all the beneficiaries and next-of-kin, taking control of all assets such as cancelling subscriptions, incoming mail and paying all valid/proven debts left to the estate, and finally, wrapping up any other personal matter.

What Next?

Even though it is not required, many people consult a lawyer when dealing with wills and estates. A lawyer can assist in reviewing and confirming the validity of a will. To find out more, contact our firm, where we specialize in estate litigation, wills variation and contesting wills.

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